Steven “Dr. Feelgood” Watkins, San Francisco

Steven WatkinsSteven, a.k.a. Dr. Feelgood, lives in San Francisco/Oakland, though he originally hails from New York City. He began DJing Blues for dancers in 2004 and is constantly striving to spread his love for the BLUES. The Good Doctor tries to bring some smooth, sultry, gritty, “Hot Skirt Music” to the dance floor in order to transform venues into JOINTS.




Roy Rydbeck, San Francisco

Roy RydbeckRoy has been a regular Blues and Lindy Hop DJ since 1998. He DJed in Tampa from 1999-2000, Chicago from 2000 to 2005, and San Francisco from 2005 to 2011. Roy is currently one of the regular DJs at San Francisco’s Friday Night Blues and at 9:20 Special, as well as at the numerous San Francisco blues parties. Roy has DJed numerous events across the globe, including events in: Austin, San Francisco, Tampa, Miami, Tampa, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Cleveland, New Orleans, Dallas, New York, St. Louis, Memphis, Indianapolois, Moscow, and St. Petersburg (Russia). Roy’s Blues DJing is a good mix of different kinds of Blues. Some of Roy’s favorites are Muddy Waters, Koko Taylor, T-Bone Walker, Howling Wolf, John Lee Hooker, Billy Boy Arnold, and Sonny Boy Williamson-2, and Taj Mahal.

Whitton Frank, Los Angeles

Whitton Frank Whitton started dancing at the tender age of eight, when she was enrolled in a ballet class. As the years progressed so did her love of dance. Whitton is originally from breezy San Francisco, where she first fell in love with social dance, She got her start Djing blues at some of the late night house parties in Pittsburgh where she went to college, and then moved onto events like End of the Month Blues and Saturday Late Night Blues. It has been her goal to bring a little bit of the Pittsburgh Dirty Blues to California. She loves both classical and contemporary blues music and artists and tries to reflect that when she DJs. She also DJed contemporary ballroom music at various venues in San Francisco like Friday Night Waltz. She was invited to be the house DJ at LA’s monthly blues venue DoSomethingBlue three years ago. She continues to spin in cities all over the states including all around LA, Hawaii, Phoenix, San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, Humboldt, San Diego, Seattle, Denver, Portland, Austin, Virginia Beach and Boston. Recently she DJed at Mile High Blues, Urban Blues Recess, Austin Blues Party, and KMBLX. She looks forward to seeing you grooving out on the dance floor!

Julie Brown, Boston

Julie BrownJulie got her start DJing in Pittsburgh in 2006, and burst onto the big scene at East Meets West and Emerald City Blues Festival 2009. She now DJs regularly in Boston, where she lives, dances, works, and occasionally sleeps. Julie’s musical tastes span from the soulful to the sultry, the dirty to the demure, but always with a healthy dose of attitude. What she loves most is to see you out there dancing and feelin’ it!

Christine Moser, New Orleans

Christine MoserChristine grew up listening to blues artists such as Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan, and since starting as a DJ in 2007 has continued to broaden her understanding of blues music, DJing events such as SLOX, Blues Muse, and her third running year at Down Home Blues. As a passionate dancer, she focuses on finding songs that evoke movement and a story. Recently relocated to the Big Easy, she’s eager to bring to the floor the dirty, gritty and soulful tunes she’s found in New Orleans, as well as her old favorites.

Brenda Russell, Portland

Brenda RussellBrenda Russell fell in love with headphones at age three when she learned how to plug them in before turning on the stereo to avoid waking up her parents in the morning. She then learned to clean the needle and record before carefully placing the needle on her favorite song. Times have changed, but her love of music grows on. Brenda has an immense and diverse collection of music and delights in sharing it with dancers. As an instructor she plays music to coordinate with the lessons she teaches, allowing the dancers to be stretched to new heights with their dance skills. Another focus of Brenda’s DJing is to play something for everyone, even if it mixes things up a bit.

Suzanne “Big Mama” Sluizer, Albuquerque, NM

Suzanne SluizerSuzanne first began to DJ as an FM radio “rock jock” in Illinois longer ago than she cares to remember, and she now calls the high desert of New Mexico home. First time she met the blues they put a spell on her – body and soul – and she knew that she had caught a virus called the blues. In the last year, she has spun sets around the country at Austin Blues Party, Down Home Blues (San Francisco), LA Blues, Blues Muse (Philadelphia), the Boston Fusion Exchange, the Steel City Blues closing party (Pittsburgh) and 505 Stomp (Albuquerque). When she spins, the blues come over her, and she puts you in the mood where you’ve got the blues so bad that you’ve got to move. Suzanne loves sharing the diverse styles and moods of blues: whether serene or spirited, steamy or stately, saucy or submissive, sleazy or sublime, she’ll play the blues for you and have you saying “Damn right I’ve got the blues!”